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George Maestri
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George Maestri is a Los Angeles-based writer, director, and producer. He has authored several books on character animation, and his production credits include work for Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central. He is currently president of Rubber Bug animation studio in the Los Angeles area.

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  • Nvidia K5200
    Nvidia K5200

    The double-wide Quadro K5200 can power up to four displays.

    February 5, 2015

  • Next Limit RealFlow 2013
    Next Limit RealFlow 2013

    REALFLOW 2013 $3,995 Next Limit Nextlimit.com

    January 14, 2014

  • Hewlett- Packard HP Z620
    Hewlett- Packard HP Z620

    HP Z620 Starts at $1,689 (the review unit was a highly configured, high-end version) Hewlett-Packard www.hp.com

    January 10, 2014

  • SilhouetteFX Silhouette
    SilhouetteFX Silhouette

    November 8, 2013

  • Review

    Luxion KeyShot 4

    June 11, 2013

  • Review: Facial Animation
    Review: Facial Animation

    FaceFX Studio 2010

    April 26, 2011

  • Review: Adobe CS5 Master Suite
    Review: Adobe CS5 Master Suite

    In April, Adobe updated its Creative Suite 5 (CS5). Every Creative Suite update is a massive undertaking for Adobe, because every one of its core products gets updated

    September 17, 2010

  • Let's Talk Business
    Let's Talk Business

    Todays mobile phones are hard to silence when it comes to gaming

    July 27, 2010

  • Review: Autodesk's Maya 2011
    Review: Autodesk's Maya 2011

    Maya is probably the most noted 3D application used in television and feature films. It has long been a staple in the animation and special effects industry

    July 26, 2010

  • Review

    Nvidia’s Quadro FX 3800.

    May 12, 2010

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