Issue: Volume: 32 Issue: 4 (Apr. 2009)

Stereo 3D

By: Karen Moltenbrey
CGW in 3D!

Stereo 3D is a hot trend, as movies, games, and television are embracing this revived medium. In covering the topic, we decided to not only write about the technique, but to show it, too. So we printed the related feature, the cover, and some ads in our April issue in 3D, providing our readers with a pair of 3D glasses so they can enjoy the effect. We realize that those viewing the issue online may not have access to a set of anaglyph glasses, so we have presented this issue in 2D for our digital subscribers. However, if you do have a set of glasses available, we didn’t want to leave you out! So grab your glasses and enjoy the stereo effect on screen with this 3D version.

Please CLICK HERE to view the 3D issue!
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