Issue: Volume: 27 Issue: 7 (July 2004)


Animation Theater
Sunday – Thursday, 8-12 August

Monday – Wednesday, 9-11 August
The world's most innovative, imaginative works in computer graphics and interactive techniques: animation, visualization, simulation, visual effects, and technical imagery produced by adventurers who blend art and science into unique visual experiences. The Computer Animation Festival jury presents selected works in the Electronic Theater (matinée and evening shows) and the Animation Theater (throughout the week). For a complete list of accepted work:

Sunday – Thursday, 8-12 August
Interactive displays of assumption-shattering concepts that will enhance human life in the near and distant future. What's next in ubiquitous computing, wearable systems, hand-held devices, real-time graphics, mobile technologies and much more: robotics, graphics, music, audio, displays, haptics, sensors, gaming, the web, artificial intelligence, visualization, collaborative environments, medicine, biotechnology, design, entertainment, aerospace, and art. For detailed information on the Emerging Technologies exhibits, visit:

Sunday – Thursday, 8-12 August
The Guerilla Studio is an integrated network of machines for realizing ideas in 2D, 3D, 4D, and n-dimensional media, a working computer graphics laboratory for explorations in fine art, animation, science, and other CG disciplines. It features high-end computer workstations, a multitude of software (featuring 2D and 3D design), and print technologies. Artists, scientists, and engineers can walk in, create, and realize their creations right in the lab.

The Guerilla Studio also provides an educational component where artists in residence instruct attendees on technique and explore the possibilities of digital art.

Wednesday, 11 August, 8-10 pm
Computer graphics pioneers, students, executives, superstars, engineers, theorists, and fans of all genders and backgrounds gather for the international SIGGRAPH community's annual celebration. Food, drinks, music, and fun in a high-energy Los Angeles location.
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