Siggraph 2010 - Blog #1

Most mornings I've woken up ready to go around 6AM.  (You can tell I'm used to east coast time.)  Tuesday morning I did this.
Even though it was still a bit early, it made more sense to wake up near that time since I had a SV shift at 8:30AM, (unlike the day before when I didn't have to work until 12PM.) 

My roommate Melissa asked me if I wanted to walk to the Los Angeles convention center early and catch some breakfast at a nearby bakery on the way.  I jumped at the opportunity.  Soon we left the hotel, and fifteen minutes later we were leaving the bakery carrying bags full of bagels, chocolate croissants and for me, a hand made peanut butter sandwich. 

The best part?  I only spent around $8 on all of the sweets.  Of course we then had to rush to the convention center but it was worth it.  Want to know one great thing about attending Siggraph?  You get to explore local shops and eateries along the way to an awesome conference. 

Elizabeth Owens
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
BFA Digital Media

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