Proof Provides Previs, Postvis, Final VFX and Motion Graphics for 'Riddick'

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LOS ANGELES — Proof Inc., a film industry visualization house, provided previsualization and postvisualization services, as well as final visual effects and some motion graphics imagery, for Universal Pictures’ “Riddick.

Spearheaded by Proof's VFX Supervisor Raul Moreno, Proof provided the previs for 10 shots presented in "Riddick," including several scenes depicting spaceships. Proof also provided several postvis shots in which 3D models of these spaceships were matched up against original plates. In addition, Proof was involved with the look development of a number of shots, including those in which some of the film's characters interact with a 3D map, as well as with a machete weapon. Proof also provided some finished 3D motion graphics sequences featured in the film.

Riddick Proof Before Riddick Proof After

Working closely with director David Twohy, Raul Moreno and Proof also finished 30 VFX shots featured in "Riddick." Proof began working with the plates, and moved on to 3D tracking, modeling, texturing and lighting, 2D tracking and integration, camera match moves, and ultimately to final compositing and rendering.

Riddick Proof Before Riddick Proof After

Gunnar Hansen, VFX Supervisor on "Riddick," said," "Proof's work on the visual effects for this film really helped editorial tell the story. These shots were editorially sensitive, depicted several important moments within the storyline, and allowed our director David Twohy to provide Proof with quick feedback. The quality of Proof's finished VFX shots was so good, in fact, that a number of them even appeared in the film's trailer. Working with Proof on 'Riddick' was an excellent experience. They really stepped up to the plate, and did a truly great job."

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