Lots of CG Fish in the Sea
June 18, 2013

Lots of CG Fish in the Sea

"It was a short schedule by anyone's standards, but the approach of putting a bit more creative control into one place and having a one-stop creative solution, from concept to CGI to directing, can be more efficient. You don't always need to take the scenic route to get a great result" said director Diarmid Harrison-Murray.

From the agency's brief Framestore started designing the fish and creating storyboards. These were then developed into an animatic that demonstrated the stylized look the team wanted the commercial to have and, with that set, modeling, rigging and animation could begin.

Directing in-house, Framestore collaborated with Boys and Girls to develop the spot together, and the agency allowed plenty of artistic freedom throughout the process, which helped the team work so quickly.

The fate of the final link in the food chain, the giant octopus, was one of Framestore's own script evolutions for example - the team liked the idea of him waking up from a dream only to realise he's not a giant sea monster, but someone else's lunch.