Athena Studios Produces Stop-Motion Short Film

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Athena Studios, an Emeryville, CA — based company that provides full production services for film, TV, advertising, and multimedia clients and projects (and is also the production arm of AthenaOnline), has produced an original, stop-motion, animated short film.

Titled "Peanut Butter," the stop-motion project began when Jon V. Peters, CEO/Founder, Athena Studios, wished to present his in-house production team with a creative challenge. He chose stop-motion animation because of his background as a professional model-maker, and in anticipation of a future project that Athena Studios is considering taking on.

"I have always loved stop-motion films," Mr. Peters said. "While playful and fun, like CG animations, these films offer a certain grounding - a basis in reality that I enjoy. This piece was a proof of concept for us, as we are presently considering a much larger stop-motion project, and are beefing up our plans to attract new commercial work. We really just needed a good story to move forward."

The Athena Studios team worked on "Peanut Butter" in association with Dr. Rick Kirschner, the author or co-author of eight books, who'd come to the studio to film a story based on one of his lectures - one designed to inform business people how to take accountability for their own actions. The resulting three-minute stop motion piece has since been linked to AthenaOnline as one of its educational videos (which the company regularly creates for corporations,) and will also be used by Dr. Kirschner within some of his future live presentations.

To view a condensed, 3-minute version of this video, visit

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