Digimation Develops Multi-purpose Virtual Trainer for Advanced COTS Enclosure

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Orlando, Fla. - Global Technical Systems designed the Advanced COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) Enclosure (ACE) with a shock-isolating inner rack to protect mission-critical computer equipment inside. An innovative marketing approach was needed to help them effectively communicate the unique advantages of the system.

Unavoidable shocks and vibrations from combat and the environment take a toll on naval computer equipment. To help eliminate frequent repurchasing and installation of those systems, Global Technical Systems (GTS) designed and developed a way to house and protect mission-critical hardware. The challenge was presenting their system’s advanced capabilities in a meaningful way that could be quickly and easily understood, says a company representative.

Digimation developed a realistic interactive program that not only steps through each component of the system, but also allows users the opportunity to trigger a 186 g-force shock event and see exactly how the system mitigates damage to the inner cabinet. Assembly and disassembly steps are shown as well, demonstrating how the cabinet can be moved and mounted into the close quarters of ships and subs.

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