NewTek Unveils LightWave 10: Rigging Revealed DVD

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San Antonio, Texas - NewTek, provider of 3D animation and video products, is currently in production with a new LightWave 10: Rigging Revealed DVD, featuring renowned creature and character artist Lino Grande. Customers who purchase or upgrade to LightWave 10 before September 30, 2010 will receive the Rigging Revealed DVD and early adopter pricing of $495 for LightWave upgrades and $895 for full units of LightWave 10. LightWave 10 pricing will return to $695 for upgrades and $1495 for full unit pricing after September 30, 2010.

The LightWave 10: Rigging Revealed DVD is designed to help artists master the art of rigging in LightWave 10 with fast, flexible techniques for creating character animation similar to animation found in many feature film pipelines. In the DVD, artist Lino Grande discusses the LightWave rigging process—from beginning to end—and offers step-by-step instructions for the rigging of bones and joints, building skeletons, and rigging without weight maps—a feature unique to LightWave 3D. Rigging without weight maps allows for character geometry changes after a rig has been created without experiencing the slow down often associated with repainting weight falloffs after each change.

New features in LightWave 10 are also covered in the new DVD. Artists will learn how to use the new VPR (Viewport Renderer) and export animation, deformations and dynamic simulations to the native LightWave MDD point cache format to import into CORE. The DVD also covers using the new Autodesk Geometry Cache tools to interchange data with other 3D applications.

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