Dover Studios Releases Maya Shading Networks 2nd Edition Visual Effects Training Video

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Halifax, Canada - Dover Studios Inc. released Maya Shading Networks 2nd Edition, the company’s latest visual effects training video. Maya Shading Networks 2nd Edition is a practical guide to creating shading networks in Autodesk Maya. The second edition has been revised and updated with crystal-clear, 1080p, high-definition video. 

Through a series of in-depth lessons, visual effects artists, Andrew Hazelden and Russell Hazelden share countless tips and techniques to help artists create more realistic shading networks.

Essential topics include aging a shiny metal surface by adding a layer of tarnish, using the Mental Ray IPR renderer to interactively preview shading networks, creating 2D and 3D procedural textures, adjusting specular highlights, exploring various ways to assign materials to objects, using environment maps to create reflective materials, and adjusting 2D texture placement attributes.

Learn how to use incandescence and glow to simulate materials that emit light. This effect is often used when creating materials for light fixtures, television sets, and glowing hot lava.

Advanced topics include: using light linking to control scene illumination, adjusting shader glow normalization values, viewing render statistics in the Maya render log, and utilizing shared nodes to make shading networks simpler to maintain.

No steps are left out and every detail is explained with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Maya Shading Networks 2nd Edition is available now as a download for $49.95 USD.

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