Digital-Tutors Unveils Cinema 4D, Toxik, Maya, and Photoshop Titles

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Oklahoma City - Digital-Tutors, provider of educational training for artists in the emerging media and entertainment industries, announced new rendering lessons for Cinema 4D, as well as three courses including: Introduction to Rotoscoping in Toxik, Digital Painting: Human Profile and Figure, and Maya Rendering Nodes Reference Library: Assorted.

With a combined total of 31 project-based lessons for artists of all skill levels, these releases explore a variety of rendering features in Cinema 4D, present fundamental rotoscoping tips and techniques for use in Toxik, offer a creative approach to drawing the human figure in Photoshop, and provide a comprehensive look at an assortment of Maya's hypershade rendering nodes.

New Rendering Lessons for Cinema 4D
Key topics and highlights: rendering ambient occlusion, including and excluding objects from Cinema 4D lights, rendering with sub-polygon displacement, working with Cinema 4D area lights, Cel Renderer, and Sketch Material.

Introduction to Rotoscoping in Toxik
Key topics and highlights: drawing masks with the garbage mask tool, editing garbage masks, drawing complex masks quickly, creating and using edge points, compositing masks together to create a cutout, animating masks for rotoscoping and changing interpolation, motion to rough-in keyframes, using point consistency to fix edge swimming issues, and outputting masks into an image sequence for later use.

Digital Painting: Human Profile and Figure
Key topics and highlights: drawing the male profile, drawing the female profile, basic lines of figure, balance and action, building from the double triangle, and blocking in a sketch.

Maya Rendering Nodes Reference Library: Assorted
Key topics and highlights: displacement node, image plane n ode, single switch node, double switch node, triple switch node, quad switch node, optical FX node, layered texture node, and particle sampler node.

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