Free ZBrush Tutorial
September 2, 2009

Free ZBrush Tutorial

London - Escape Studios unveiled ZBrush, a digital sculpting and painting program that is employed by leading film and games companies. With this free video tutorial, Escape Studios offers budding 3D artists practical hands-on training and a taster of the professional skills the company delivers with its complete online ZBrush course.
It's very simple; all you need to do is register on our website to access our online learning centre. Once inside, select the Free Area from the drop down menu in the My Courses tab.

Escape Studios has developed an online learning experience for people who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home and in their own time--people who want to improve their 3D skills but cannot take the time off to attend CG Academy.

The online learning system is a collaborative platform where users can interact with others while they learn. "Ask questions using the interface and watch peers and tutors provide help when you most need it," says a representative.