Digital-Tutors Unveils Guide to Efficiently Learning Maya 2009

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Oklahoma City, Okla. - Digital-Tutors has debuted Introduction to Maya 2009, which provides artists using Autodesk's Maya 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering solution with more than nine hours of practical, project-based training for learning the fundamentals of modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, dynamics, lighting, and rendering in Maya. This release is authored by four Digital-Tutors instructors, each teaching their core areas of expertise.

"With Introduction to Maya 2009 we go from concept to completion and cover every part of the production process in Maya," explains Piyush Patel, founder and CEO of Digital-Tutors. "We take what some schools teach in a semester or two and teach it in a matter of hours, allowing artists to become more productive, create a higher quality of work, and focus more on their creative aspirations."

Key topics and popular highlights for Introduction to Maya 2009 include: interface overview, NURBS modeling, polygon modeling, subdivision surfaces, texturing, procedural textures, Hypershade, UV layout, building control rigs, custom attributes, writing expressions, setting key frames, path animation, dynamics, particle shader, lighting, image planes, light linking, environments, displacement maps, and rendering.

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