May 28, 2008

Nuke 5 Training Debuts in the UK

Sphere VFX's five-day Nuke 5.0: Complete course is designed with the professional compositor in mind. The course comprises of 18 sections covering: The UI, Originators, Channels, Compositing Operations, Image Manipulation, Light and Colour Correction, Masks Creation and Manipulation, Pulling and Manipulating Keys, Camera Effects, Tracking and Stabilization, Paint and Object Removal, Time Manipulation, 3D, Stereoscopic Imaging, Additional Channels, Effects and Filters, Working with Film, and the Utility Nodes. The course features a large number of production-based examples -- nearly 150 composites throughout the five days.   

Alongside Sphere VFX's Nuke 5.0: Complete course there is a set of one day in-depth courses that focus on areas such as Keying, Tracking, and 3D. The aim of these classes is to delve into the specific disciplines in more depth than is possible during the Complete course.