Gnomon School Introduces Softimage|XSI for Maya and 3ds Max Users Course

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Montreal, Quebec - Los Angeles-based Gnomon School of Visual Effects, in conjunction with Softimage Co., a part of Avid Technology Inc., is offering a five-week (15 hour), production-based course entitled "XSI for Maya and 3ds Max Users-Transition Techniques for Production Artists."

Responding to the growing demand for Softimage|XSI software artists, Softimage and Gnomon designed this course to help artists working with Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max software learn techniques and workflows for a quick transition to Softimage|XSI.
XSI for Maya and 3ds Max Users will be taught by Craig Slagel, former Senior Worldwide Graphics trainer for Electronic Arts, and begins May 5, 2008.
Gnomon’s XSI for Maya and 3ds Max Users is a comprehensive introduction to the most advanced 3D animation software for games, film, and television productions. The end goal of this course is to arm students with a solid understanding of Softimage|XSI 3D software and how it can help save production time and reduce costs.
A variety of production techniques will be taught to students including: techniques for modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, and rendering in XSI. The Gnomon "XSI for Maya and 3ds Max Users" training course begins May 5, and runs through June 2, 2008. The tuition fee is $860.

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