September 19, 2007

Game Recruiting Executive To Speak at USC Conference

Mencher, a game industry career specialist who has helped jobseekers land positions with leading game companies, will be speaking on the panel, “Entrepreneurship in Gaming.” This discussion will focus on the challenges faced when breaking into the game industry with a new product and different approaches to getting your game developed by a game studio.  
Mencher will be joined by fellow panelists Leo Jun of Helio, games guru David Perry, Kim Rom of Steel Series, Jason Rubin of Naughty Dog/Flektor, and Fiona Cherbak of Women in Games International.  
Before founding GameRecruiter, Marc Mencher worked for such game companies as Spectrum Holobyte, Microprose, and 3DO. Marc is the author of Get in the Game! -- an instructional book on careers in the video game industry. He is a curriculum advisor to several colleges offering Game Development degrees. His firm, GameRecruiter, focuses on unique and un-advertised game industry jobs.