May 31, 2007

Digital-Tutors Releases mental ray Tips and Tricks

Oklahoma City, Ok. - Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk Authorized Publisher, announced the availability of mental ray Tips and Tricks -- the latest release in a library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using mental ray and Maya.
Mental ray Tips and Tricks provides two hours of project-based training and teaches artists various workflows that will yield greater artist productivity and time-saving rendering tips and tricks for use in film, broadcast, and design.   
Highlights from mental ray Tips and Tricks include: storing and reusing Global Illumination Photon Maps, storing and reusing Final Gather Maps, using BSP Diagnostics, utilizing mental ray Render Diagnostics, utilizing Render Layers, using Layer Overrides, incorporating custom MEL scripts for attribute adjustments, converting to .MAP format for optimization, methods of controlling Final Gather light intensity, compositing Render Layers in external applications, employing Depth Passes for depth-of-field effects, using Motion Vector passes for fast motion blur, optimizing mental ray’s memory usage, and additional lessons developed to teach artists creative rendering techniques with mental ray.
For a full outline and pricing information of mental ray Tips and Tricks visit: