JPR's SIGGRAPH Panel To Look At Cloud-Based Workflows
July 11, 2018

JPR's SIGGRAPH Panel To Look At Cloud-Based Workflows

VANCOUVER — Jon Peddie Research (JPR) has long been associated with SIGGRAPH and will once again host a luncheon that presents an overview on the CG market and its future. Dr. Jon Peddie is the founder and CEO of JPR and a pioneer in the computer graphics industry. He is also a former president of the SIGGRAPH Pioneers, and is currently an advisor to the executive board of SIGGRAPH.
The annual North American conference attracts 15,000 international visitors and gets 180 exhibitors. Companies such as Adobe, AMD, Autodesk, Dell, Intel, Nvidia, have been consistent participants. It is a valuable recruiting resource and the technical papers presented at the conference illuminate major advances in computer graphics technology.

For the past 16 years JPR has conducted a special, by invitation only, press conference at the show. The hour-and-a-half meeting is kicked off by Dr. Peddie giving an overview on the CG market. That is followed by a lively panel discussion composed of specialists and experts in the field. The luncheon is sponsored by various suppliers, but the panelists represent some of the most innovative creative people in the graphics industry.

After the panel discussion, the press are invited to have one on one meetings with the sponsors and/or the panelists. The JPR luncheon has become an important resource for the press and analysts who get invited. Typically 50 to 60 press and analysts attend.

This year’s discussion will be about the development of cloud-based workflows for content creation. The panel will debate the question: Who benefits in a revolution? The panel will explore the changes rapidly happening in the content creation industry as a result of rising costs falling disproportionately on independent creators. Change isn’t necessarily coming from the top, it’s coming from the creatives.

The annual JPR Press Luncheon will be held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in the Coal Harbour Suite on August 15th.