Allegorithmic Adds Updates to Substance Painter
August 7, 2018

Allegorithmic Adds Updates to Substance Painter

CLERMONT-FERRAND, France – Continuing its update-filled summer, Allegorithmic has announced the latest additions to Substance Painter. The Summer Update introduces subsurface scattering (SSS), a feature prized by some of the biggest VFX and film companies in the world, along with new projections and fill tools, enhancements to the UX and support for a host of new meshes. The update is available now.

Using Substance Painter’s newly updated shaders, artists will be able to add subsurface scattering as a default option. They can simply add a Scattering map to a texture set and activate the new SSS post-effect. Skin, organic surfaces, wax, jade and any other translucent materials that require extra care will now look even more realistic, with redistributed light shining through from under the surface. And thanks to direct Iray integration, artists can do it all without leaving Substance Painter. 

The release also includes updates to projection and fill tools, beginning with the user-requested addition of non-square projection. Images can be loaded in both the projection and stencil tool without altering the ratio or resolution. Those projection and stencil tools can also disable tiling in one or both axes. Fill layers can be manipulated directly in the viewport using new manipulator controls. Standard UV projections feature a 2D manipulator in the UV viewport. Triplanar Projection received a full 3D manipulator in the 3D viewport, and both can be translated, scaled and rotated directly in scene.

Along with the improvements to the artist tools, the Substance Painter Summer Update also includes several updates designed to improve the overall experience for users of all skill levels. Substance Suite users will also see an immediate benefit thanks to an improved consistency between tools. Additions like exposed presets in Substance Designer and a revamped, universal UI guide makes it easier than ever to jump between them.

The Substance Painter Summer Update is available now at no cost to Substance subscribers. 

The new update to Substance Painter is available today. Subscriptions to Substance Indie cost $19.90/month; Pro plans cost $99.90/month. Enterprise and education pricing is available upon request. Students and teachers can request a license at no cost.