Vicon to Roll Out Cara Lite
July 27, 2017

Vicon to Roll Out Cara Lite

OXFORD, UK – Vicon is launching Cara Lite at this year’s SIGGRAPH. The new Lite version of the Cara facial capture system will expand the market to more film and game studios, looking to achieve a higher-quality facial capture with a lower cost of entry.

Cara Lite builds upon the proprietary design of Cara, launched at the show in 2013, offering one or two-cameras to deliver a more flexible system, which has a far quicker set-up time. It has full wireless connectivity and seamless integration with existing Vicon motion capture systems.  

Partnering with Dynamixyz, specialists in facial analysis and synthesis, studios can now integrate Dynamixyz’s Performer solution into the Cara Lite production pipeline. Using a mixture of markerless and physical tracking, users will be able to capture precise and minute facial details – especially for complex eye and inner lip movements, which have traditionally been inaccessible to marker-based systems. 

Cara Lite also facilitates the integration of third-party helmets and the use of numerous headsets simultaneously. Cara Lite is also compatible with other facial capture systems such as Faceware and Cubic Motion’s facial pipeline.     

At SIGGRAPH (Booth #523), Vicon will also be demonstrating its recently launched VFX motion capture software, Shōgun. With live calibration and high fidelity real-time data, Shōgun provides customers with intelligent real-time system monitoring.