Ftrack Improves Ftrack Offering, Unveils Ftrack Review
August 1, 2017

Ftrack Improves Ftrack Offering, Unveils Ftrack Review

LOS ANGELES — Stockholm, Sweden’s Ftrack, which offers a scalable cloud-based project management solution for the media and entertainment industry, has announced major updates to help content creators and video producers streamline multiple productions. The company has renamed the current offering of Ftrack to Ftrack Studio and announced a new streamlined product for review and approvals, Ftrack Review. 
As a result, Ftrack Studio delivers improved planning features, providing a bird’s-eye view of every project and department across the studio. New features in Ftrack Studio include: a new holistic view of the studio, across different projects and departments; the ability to track availability of teams over different disciplines; support for users to add feedback notes to a project, folder, asset or task that require action; and more. CineSync integration has also been updated.

Users of Ftrack Review can scale up to Ftrack Studio – with full production tracking and API support – for end-to-end project management. Built using a new framework, Ftrack Review is developed with a new user interface that offers a sneak peek into the next major release of Ftrack Studio.

The company is offering Ftrack Studio for $25 a month per user and Ftrack Review for $15 a month per user.