Vicon Shows Off Vantage, Tech at SIGGRAPH
July 29, 2015

Vicon Shows Off Vantage, Tech at SIGGRAPH

OXFORD, UK – SIGGRAPH 2015 (booth #729) – Vicon will showcase its new intelligent flagship camera platform, Vicon Vantage, for the first time in the US at SIGGRAPH 2015.

Vicon will also host a series of customer presentations, in-booth demonstrations and workshops at its booth, and power virtual reality applications at the event.

Vicon Vantage has been designed to work cohesively with each of its components to provide up-to-the-minute information to the system operator. Crucially, it continuously monitors its performance with a host of new sensors, giving the user visual feedback through the on-board camera display, in the software and on Vicon’s new tablet application, Control.

The Control app frees the user from the capture PC, giving them the opportunity to make adjustments on the fly, ensuring a “right first time” approach. During the show, Vicon will also showcase its Pegasus, Cara, Blade, and Tracker software applications.

Guest speakers at Vicon’s booth will take attendees behind the scenes on their latest projects and include:

  • Gary Roberts, virtual production supervisor at Digital Domain
  • Matthew Brady, virtual production department supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic
  • Jay Hosfelt, lead animator at Epic Games

As a finalist in the Real-Time Live Immersive Realities (VR/AR) Contest, Vicon customer Artanim, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the development and promotion of motion capture, has been selected to demonstrate its "Walking through a pharaoh's tomb” project, showcasing an immersive platform that combines Vicon motion capture systems with virtual reality headsets. SIGGRAPH attendees will have the opportunity to try the platform at the VR Village, as well as on Vicon's booth.