French Technology In Force at Show
July 30, 2015

French Technology In Force at Show

PARIS – French companies will have a strong showing this year at SIGGRAPH, with 14 technical papers, three talks, 21 companies (including two award winners) participating in the Computer Animation Festival, one company exhibting in the Emerging Technologies, and 19 exhibitors (of which 16 will showcase their work at the French Pavilion).

16 exhibitors at the French Pavilion 

The selected companies at the French Pavilion this year are focused on 3D animation, special effects, virtual augmented reality, gaming, mobile content, or robotics.

4D View Solutions: Captures original actor performances as photorealistic 4D video for film, VR & AR projects.

Akeytus: An innovative 3D software dedicated to character animation and rigging. The animation industry strongly needs a disruptive and fresh tool. The proof ? More than 1,000 downloads of the beta in the first week of the launch! 

BUF: BUF Software Project: BUF’s high skilled engineers and talented artists, aligned together to distribute Bsuite, its suite of softwares developed over the past 30 years. 

Dynamixyz: Performer award-winning video-based facial capture and analysis solution to delivers unsurpassed raw animation and stunning real-time capability. 

Golaem: Golaem Crowd , a plugin for Autodesk Maya, to help artists easily populate films, TV series, commercials and video games. 

INRIA ( Public Institute of IT research): Will showcase Natron and Solid Frame. Natron FX is an open source multi-platforms compositing software based on OpenFX standard. It received the Digital Creation GENIE Award at the Paris Digital Image Summit 2015 in the “Best innovation of the year” category. SolidFrame is a new tool designed for animators and cinematographer to interactively explore a large collection of shots over their 3D animation, and rapidly create and compare multiple edits of the same animation. 

Iskn: Creator of Slate, a smart drawing pad that instantly digitizes drawings, sketches, and notes created with real paper and pens.  

ITycom group: Presents ITyStudio, one of the first authoring tools for Serious Games and for 2D / 3D simulations. It allows any user to create its own educational multimedia tools in an easy and intuitive way (video, image, quiz, web page, Storyline content).  

Kolor: Creates panoramic image solutions that enables virtual tours, 360° degree videos and gigapixel images. When Google launched the SOLI project, Gopro selected Kolor to develop a complete immersive solution between hardware and software. 

Mercenaries Engineering: Dedicated to develop high-end innovative softwares specifically designed for the animation and VFX industries. Guerilla Render is a production-proven assembly, look development, lighting and rendering solution, which counts among its recent references the feature films The Little Prince, Mune or the Playmobil Super4 TV series. 

Mikros Image: A post-production house specializing in high-end digital visual effects and animation, will shed light on its latest projects in commercials and feature films. Recently acquired by Technicolor and joining their group, Mikros Image develops many of their own in-house tools. One of them is based on Golaem Crowd simulation tool, used in  Orangina’s latest commercial “Shake the World.” 

MocapLab: Announces the opening of new offices in Montreal to push further their development and production services in motion capture with a key focus on sign language technology and digital art projects. 

SolidAnim: Will present SolidTrack, the previz solution used by Robert Zemeckis for his latest movie "The Walk". 

Third Eye: Is an innovative and productive turnkey Head Cam solution responding to the increasing needs of production companies in terms of facial animation. 

VideoStitch: Will present their 360° video production solution which allowed them to raise 2 million euros funds only 4 month after its launch.