Ftrack previews V.3 of production management platform
August 11, 2014

Ftrack previews V.3 of production management platform

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Ftrack ( is previewing Version 3 of its Ftrack project management platform at this year’s SIGGRAPH show in Vancouver. The company has been working closely with existing customers, such as The Mill, Cinesite, MPC Commercials and ZeroVFX, to expand the tools for multi-location pipelines and deeper integration with key VFX software packages.

The 3.0 release will provide numerous new features and improvements, including a further refined user interface and a focus on collaborative workflows. Deeper pipeline integration includes a more robust API and a standalone publishing application that has been designed to allow quick and easy publishing outside of any host application. Additional features include improved time tracking tools for artists, and review and approval tools to allow outside clients to annotate and communicate efficiently with production.

Ftrack has been working with key software partners to achieve a deeper integration with Thinkbox Software’s Deadline, Imagineer Systems’ Mocha and Cospective’s Cinesync. In addition, ftrack is collaborating with The Mill on development of plug-ins for Nuke and Hiero to provide a smoother, more intuitive experience for artists using Ftrack in these applications.

“We are committed to developing an easy-to-use, intuitive solution for all aspects of production management and are excited to share many roadmap features forthcoming in version 3.0,” says Fredrik Limsater, CEO of Ftrack. “We’re well aware of the growing industry trend towards projects utilizing both production and creative resources in multiple locations and have designed Ftrack 3.0 to sit as a seamless solution within this environment.”