Dynamixyz showing new markerless capture solution
August 8, 2014

Dynamixyz showing new markerless capture solution

RENNES, FRANCE — Four-year-old Dynamixyz (www.dynamixyz.com) is at SIGGRAPH with a brand new version of its Performer Suite markerless facial performance capture solution. The new version includes lots of highly-requested features, including a re-vamped GUI.

“We have been working on facial tracking systems for 15 years now even if we are newcomers to the motion capture industry,” says Gaspard Breton, CEO of Dynamixyz. “This new version of Performer is at the crossroad of our skills as a computer vision team and of all the feedback we had from talented artists and animators so far. We are very proud of this new version and hope it will be adopted by the industry as a reference for quality and powerful features.” 

Performer Suite has enhanced tracking and retargeting capabilities. The tracker’s speed, accuracy and robustness have been further improved. The retargeter transfers animation with higher fidelity and stability now, and can also take advantage of additional user input to deliver even better animation results. The software also goes multiplatform with Windows & Linux support.

Beside the enhanced tracking quality, Performer “SV” has evolved into a more animator-friendly software. The re-designed GUI introduces a timeline for results visualization and easy frame correction. Animation results are now delivered as easily-editable animation curves. Moreover, the software provides a more natural, seamless integration with 3D authoring tools thanks to the new Bridge technology.

With the Performer “MV” software, the Performer Suite now brings multi-view face tracking. This enables simultaneous marker-based and markerless feature tracking, and the ability to export results as true 3D data.