Chaos Group Labs launches, will address CG challenges
August 7, 2014

Chaos Group Labs launches, will address CG challenges

LOS ANGELES — Chaos Group (, which creates physically-based rendering and simulation software, has launched Chaos Group Laboratories, a new collaborative think tank that will explore advances in rendering technology. Located in LA’s hub of design, visual effects and technology, Chaos Group Labs will serve as a place where artists, industry leaders and academic researchers can contribute to development discussions and help solve key computer graphics challenges. Significant progress has already been made on projects that focus on massively parallel rendering, cloud and GPU rendering, virtual performance capture, and rendering for next generation cinematic experiences.

"We are passionate about artists and rendering challenges, and we want to help move the entire industry forward,” explains Lon Grohs, chief commercial officer at Chaos Group. “Chaos Group Labs allows us to bridge the gaps between hardware, software and artists' needs at a much deeper level.”

Chaos Group Labs is currently working closely with a number of independent filmmakers, including the Construct team, to innovate new rendering workflows and improve the cinematic experience. These experiments include outputting imagery to be displayed at high dynamic range, high frame rates, and ultra-high resolution. In addition, this research has led to advances in virtual performance capture, bringing ray traced rendering to the entire filmmaking process. 

At SIGGRAPH, Chaos Group’s newest prototype of V-Ray for MotionBuilder will be showcased. The company is working with partners that include Nvidia, OptiTrack, and Boxx Technologies.
Another initiative in the works is The Wikihuman Project. The goal of the project is to further realistic rendering and animation of digital humans. Chaos Group Labs has formed a panel of academic and industry experts from around the globe, including several members of the Institute for Creative Technologies at USC.

Chaos Group has also partnered with tech startup Nurulize to develop fully immersive, virtual reality experiences designed for the Oculus Rift.