zSpace to Unveil zView at SIGGRAPH 2013
July 18, 2013

zSpace to Unveil zView at SIGGRAPH 2013

SUNNYVALE, CA — zSpace, Inc., a technology provider that is revolutionizing the future of human-computer interaction, has unveiled a new webcam capture application for its interactive 3D platform, zSpace. The company will demonstrate this new feature during SIGGRAPH 2013.

zSpace offers individuals working in computer aided design (CAD), computer graphics and interactive technologies a unique experience where they can invent, innovate and collaborate in 3D. zView builds upon the zSpace platform's collaboration capabilities, allowing a larger audience to collectively capture and share their experience with zSpace. Users can also present their project or ideas in a more effective, dramatic fashion to fellow colleagues, customers, students and investors, particularly while at conferences, trade shows, classrooms and conventions. zView is especially valuable to internal and third party developers, such as Unity developers, as the technology allows for easier and broader knowledge-sharing within the development community and to their customers.

In Booth 116, the company will showcase its flagship product, zSpace, a highly realistic 3D visualization experience that enables users to work with product designs, animations and 3D simulations not previously possible in a traditional 2D computing environment. Attendees at SIGGRAPH can be among the first to see zView in action, recording their own 30-second video while their experience is projected in real-time on a large 42" display. With zView, non-zSpace users see an accurate representation of what the zSpace user is experiencing - virtual-holographic images moving in three-dimensional space.

"Due to their 2D nature, traditional videos and presentations have proven ineffective in communicating the true value of zSpace's immersive 3D experience, as individual or group viewers are not directly engaged in the technology," said Paul Kellenberger, CEO of zSpace. "zView provides the ability to more quickly and efficiently present the zSpace platform to a much larger audience in an interactive, cost-effective and easily consumable format."