ZWCAD+ Syble Enables Desktop-mobile Workflow, Project Collaboration
July 24, 2013

ZWCAD+ Syble Enables Desktop-mobile Workflow, Project Collaboration

ANAHEIM, CA — ZWCAD Design has introduced ZWCAD+ Syble, an intelligent, online module integrated in ZWCAD+ 2014 Beta that will automatically run in the background to synchronize drawings online, boost design collaboration efficiency, and offer more value for designers worldwide to handle their most complex design and onsite challenges.

ZWCAD+ Syble enables communication in new and visually compelling ways. Online Synchronization coupled with ZWCAD Touch, a free-of-charge app for mobile devices, help designers open, edit, visualize, and display drawings anytime, anywhere. All the files are automatically saved to the cloud instead of data backup.

"ZWCAD Touch has impressed me with its ease of use and good accessibility to files," says Francisco Silva, a designer in LCW Consult SA. "Designers can save their designs on their iPads or even on the cloud, so that their work can be easily accessible anywhere."

Coordinating designs across a large project team requires significant file management, which can slow down the collaboration process. ZWCAD+ Syble allows designers to access one shared, real-time, and auto-updated design file, optimizing collaboration with improved connectivity. With a shared cloud storage account, designers in a team can always access the latest and accurate files. It reduces the disturbance arising from file confirmation, streamlining project workflow and lowering rework risk.

The launch of ZWCAD+ Syble helps CAD users with most of the desktop-mobile workflow. Combining ZWCAD+ 2014 with ZWCAD Touch, users can also benefit from:

  • Your Familiar Cloud Account—Allowing designers to continue using their existing cloud storage account to manage all the files without any data movement;
  • Big Drawing Support—No limitation on file size, making the opening of any large file effortless;
  • Offline Operation—Using ZWCAD Touch for drawing revision even when offline;
  • Free-of-charge App—Enjoy all the features without additional cost.

The new version of ZWCAD Touch will be launched with more features in August.