SIGGRAPH 2013 Picture Gallery
July 30, 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013 Picture Gallery

SIGGRAPH offers attendees a wide-reaching experience. Some may enjoy walking the trade show exhibition area, where vendors showed off their recent products and technologies. Then there is the Studio, Art Gallery, and Emerging Technologies, where conference-goers were free to look, listen, learn, and appreciate. The Computer Animation Festival offered amazing entertainment, and the Real-Time Live! Presentation showed amazing projects. Also, the third annual Business Symposium brought together management and others so they can learn and share problems and solutions. See a summary of the show in pictures.

Business symposium

SIGGRAPH Symposium Chair Evan Hirsch welcomes attendees of the 2013 Symposium.

Captain Thomas Chaby, Executive Officer, Naval Special Warfare Center, discusses disruption in the battlefield, whether it is combat related or business related.


SIGGRAPH 2013 Chair Mk Haley addresses the audience at the keynote.

SIGGRAPH attendees gather outside of the conference center.

Art gallery

Attendees visit the Art Gallery.

Attendees browse the Art Gallery.

Emerging Technologies

Visitors to Emerging Technologies immerse themselves in "AquaTop Display: A True 'Immersive' Water Display System."

Emerging Technologies presents innovative technologies and applications.

Attendees interact with "Skyfarer: A Mixed-Reality Shoulder Exercise Game" at Emerging Technologies.

An attendee interacts with "EMY: Full-Body Exoskeleton" at Emerging Technologies.

Attendees test "IllumiRoom: Peripheral Projected Illusions for Interactive Experiences" at Emerging Technologies.


Attendees wait for the opening of the Exhibition.

Attendees visit the Exhibition Hall

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences presented the Marc Davis Lecture: Giants First Steps as the keynote, and indeed, giants of the industry showed and discussed their first works as well as present-day challenges.

Real-Time Live!

Attendees watch a Real-Time Live! presentation at SIGGRAPH 2013.


Attendees work on projects in the Studio.