Group Rectify: The Future of Motion Capture Editing is Here
July 24, 2013

Group Rectify: The Future of Motion Capture Editing is Here

SANTA ROSA, CA — Motion Analysis Corporation has announced a new feature, Group Rectify, to its core motion capture software, Cortex.

Group Rectify represents greatly improved marker identification which allows for multiple characters to be tracked at once as a group while simultaneously keeping individual marker sets separate and correct for each character. The power and efficiency of this feature cannot be denied its tremendous importance in motion capture history.

“In the history of mocap, there have been five major advancements: 3D reconstruction from 2D marker data, 3D automatic marker identification, solving for 6DOF segmental data from 3D marker data, 3D individual performer template rectification, and now a fifth major advancement, real-time simultaneous multiple performer template rectification”, said Tom Whitaker, CEO of Motion Analysis. “Performance capture of performers has gone from taking months to weeks to days to hours to now real-time multi-performer marker tracking, solving and rectification. Group Rectify was a five year development project and is the most significant animation productivity tool in the history of the industry.”

“Group Rectify represents the future of data editing. It is an intelligent marker identification conflict resolution tool that automatically figures out the best fit of the marker data when performers are closely interacting. Group Rectify does instantly what used to take users many minutes or even hours to sort out”, said Jeff Thingvold, Vice President of Animation Application Engineering.

“In Cortex 4.1 we have made some significant breakthroughs in the underlying algorithm to label and track markers in the context of multiple marker sets, said Shel Fung, Senior Vice President of Engineering. “In the next release of Cortex our users will see a significant reduction in the time required to process complex marker sets, something on the order of a 2.5 to 1 speed-up. This, coupled with improvements in PC hardware, will enable users to achieve real-time solves of multiple characters on one machine”, Fung added.

Group Rectify is currently available in Cortex 4.1 for Motion Analysis customers.