Codex Introduces Codex Backbone and Production Server
July 24, 2013

Codex Introduces Codex Backbone and Production Server

ANAHEIM, CA — Codex, designer and manufacturer of high-performance workflow tools for feature film, television, and commercials production, is expanding its product range with the Codex Production Server and Backbone.

The Codex Backbone is a hybrid system with productions taking advantage of local appliances -- Codex Production Server -- along with the distributed hardware of the Cloud through the Codex Backbone. Based on Codex Vault technology, the Codex Production Server is a repository for digital files and metadata generated during principal photography.

By using the Codex Production Server in tandem with the Codex Backbone, projects can be run in remote locations but can be linked to production, VFX vendors and post production so that critical information is immediately available to those who need it. For example, a VFX vendor can quickly access a QuickTime file of a shot and submit a bid to the producer, all managed through the secure infrastructure of the Codex Cloud.

Codex has worked with leading pipeline provider Shotgun Software during the development of Backbone and Production Server. The Codex Production Server can host the Shotgun Server and can serve as the delivery mechanism for VFX plate pulls and transcodes, as well as managing the creation of bid packages and the submission of shots. This means that VFX management and vendors are completely tied in with production from pre-production through to finishing and archiving.

Codex Backbone isn't just film production as usual plus the Cloud. It's an integrated end-to-end system designed by filmmakers for filmmakers. It's a solution from camera through to long-term archiving and can deliver the time and money savings that have been expected from digital productions but often not achieved.

"No matter what the budget, the transition from film to digital production provides enormous opportunities for automating and putting control of all of the digital data and metadata in the hands of production where it can be accessed and utilized easily and quickly," says Codex Managing Director Marc Dando. "Both Codex and Shotgun Software have first-hand knowledge of managing digital productions and we will continue to provide cost-effective tools that will facilitate and optimize production in this critical transition period."

Codex is demonstrating Codex Backbone on Shotgun Software Booth 737.