Christie Debuts Quadhd84 LCD Flat-panel Visualization Display

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ANAHEIM, CA — Christie is launching the Christie QuadHD84 flat-panel display, a quad high-definition LCD flat panel for true 60Hz performance at a full 3840 by 2160 resolution with compatibility with computer and video sources.

The display offers twice the actual update rate over consumer ultra-high-definition (UHD) TVs available on the market today, according to a company spokesperson. The 84-inch size can accommodate even the most demanding collaborative needs. 

Christies 84 Inch Display

"The QuadHD84 flat-panel display offers compatibility with a wide variety both high and standard resolution sources - the most critical aspect of any display solution and one that guarantees a superior system, whatever the configuration, " says Larry Paul, senior director of Technology and Visualization Solutions, Christie. "At SIGGRAPH, we seek to describe the exceptional versatility of this extra-large, yet easily deployable and affordable, ultra high-definition display."

The native resolution of the panel is driven by four frame-locked HDMI or DVI sources at 60Hz. Users can connect to high-performance workstations or image processors for greater flexibility. The panel has three additional single-channel HDMI 1.4a inputs capable of full Quad HD resolution (3840 x 2160 at 30Hz) and each of those inputs are HD compatible enabling beautiful graphics scaled to fill the screen at up to 60Hz.

Boasting 8.2Mpx and smooth motion, the 84-inch Christie QuadHD84 is a high-performance visualization display. The super fast refresh rate allows for smooth, real-time motion display of 2D content while its 50,000 hours illumination life makes it reliable and cost-effective.

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