Chaos Group Busy at Show
July 10, 2013

Chaos Group Busy at Show

Rendering solution producer Chaos Group will join forces with various VFX industry artists to present two special events at SIGGRAPH in Anaheim on July 24. The panels will offer production run-downs of commercial spots, television shows, game cinematics, and VFX blockbusters such as Star Trek Into Darkness, Oblivion and Iron Man 3. SIGGRAPH attendees will also see a sneak preview of Chaos Group's next major release: V-Ray 3.0.

"V-Ray Day at SIGGRAPH" will be held at the SIGGRAPH expo center (room 203A) on Wednesday, July 24. Its exclusive presentations will feature supervisors from ILM, Digital Domain, Method Studios, Scanline VFX, Pixomondo and Zoic Studios, and will show off the ways V-Ray continues to support VFX artists. This event will be held in two sessions and will be open to all SIGGRAPH attendees.

At the Chaos Group/Trinity3D booth at the Expo floor, Chaos Group will be previewing V-Ray 3.0 and holding master classes in Phoenix FD and V-Ray for Maya (booth 110). Together with partners NVIDIA (booth 803) and BOXX Technologies (booth 659), the Chaos Group team will also be demonstrating the latest advancements in V-Ray RT.

Participation in two Birds of a Feather sessions (BoF) will give Chaos Group's development team a chance to unearth some of V-Ray's 3.0 key technical aspects. In the first session, V-Ray creator Vlado Koylazov will share details about deep compositing support in V-Ray 3.0 (July 22 4-5 pm, room 213B); while Chaos Group developer Ivan Mavrov will demo Open Shading Language support at an OSL BoF session (July 22 6-7 pm Hilton Anaheim - Malibu).

"V-Ray User Event - Los Angeles" is a post-SIGGRAPH event that will be hosted at The Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Starting at 6 pm on July 26, artists from Pixomondo will demonstrate how V-Ray was used on Oblivion and  Star Trek Into Darkness while Blur will highlight the game cinematics of  Batman: Arkham Origins and  The Elder Scrolls Online. This event is open to the public .

Those wishing to attend can request a promotional code for a free pass to the SIGGRAPH exhibition floor The pass will grant you access to the Chaos Group booths and room 203A where V-Ray Day will be held.