Vicon Brings New Mocap Tools To Siggraph

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LOS ANGELES — At the SIGGRAPH show, Oxford, UK-based motion capture system developer Vicon ( demonstrated its new Blade 2 motion capture processing software.

Blade has been re-engineered with a focus on realtime motion capture workflows. Blade 2, powered by a new realtime engine called Axiom, captures performances easily and delivers robust, reliable data. Axiom faithfully reproduces performances with fast, clean, realtime visualization and is capable of managing multiple characters, complex situations and difficult production conditions. 

For the virtual reality market, Vicon will launch Interaction Device — a precise, robust, hand-held tracking tool. Its ergonomic design and flexible controls enable intuitive interaction with virtual objects in any 3D environment. The company’s booth demo will show how Interaction Device can reliably track with two Bonita cameras or the largest Vicon T-Series system. The dodecahedron design gives the Vicon cameras an optimal view of the device, which means, given the same space, it can be tracked over a much larger area than any other interaction tool.

And Vicon showed Cara at SIGGRAPH. The head mounted facial capture system is the first commercialized product from the Mobile Mocap concept shown at SIGGRAPH last year. 

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