Reallusion Unleashes Indie Toolbox
August 16, 2012

Reallusion Unleashes Indie Toolbox

LOS ANGELES, CA, —Reallusion, developers of digital storytelling, facial animation and 3D real-time filmmaking software, debuted The iClone Animation Pipeline, a creative suite that gives independent game developers, filmmakers and CG Pros a complete real-time production and development solution.
The iClone Animation Pipeline brings the power of Reallusion’s what-you-see-is-what-you-get iCone5 production environment to game developers and video producers. iClone5 features a real-time viewport with pixel-shader preview during creation of character animation and motion capture.  Buy or sell royalty-free game-ready content in the new Reallusion 3DXPortal marketplace to access professional 3D characters, props, motions and more assets for video games, television and film.   

The iClone Animation Pipeline is a trio of character creation, facial and body-motion animation production and motion capture with exportable results for use with game engines like Unity3D or UDK and easily opens in Autodesk Max or Maya, Cinema4D or other 3D production environment that supports FBX.

Character animation with iClone5 is a new approach to animation and offers short-cuts to creating walk-cycles or basic human gestures using the Motion Puppet tools and library of various emotional and action based character puppeteering modes. Custom 3D content comes to life with iClone’s animation tools through the import capability of 3DXchange 5. Characters in FBX format may import and rig to iClone’s HumanIK rig with ease. Once rigged with 3DXchange your custom content may work in iClone and be able to animate with iClone’s motion capture, puppeteering and motion library of animation.

The iClone Animation Pipeline is also a gateway to Reallusion’s massive library of 3D game-ready content. Characters with WASD-ready animation and more; along with props and scenes are able to be purchased and exported though the iClone Animation Pipeline.

Reallusion has partnered with Microsoft Kinect for Windows to enable real-time motion capture animation for PCs. Reallusion iClone5 and Kinect for Windows is a complete and affordable motion-capture solution for casual video creation, virtual actors or pro animation.