Raptor-12 Camera Debuts

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SANTA ROSA, CA – Continuing the Raptor series of motion capture cameras, Motion Analysis has announced a new camera to its lineup – the Raptor-12 with a resolution of 12 mega pixels (MP). Varied resolutions include 150 fps with 12MP, 200 fps with 9.4MP, 300 fps with 6.3MP, 500 fps with 3.8MP, and 900 fps with 2.0MP. The Raptor-12 features a new processor, firmware, sensor and ringlight, creating the first camera with components manufactured specifically for motion capture capability. 

With a high-speed electronic pipelined global shutter, each pixel measures 5.5 x 5.5 μm. The camera’s greyscale processing enables outdoor capture capabilities that are not possible with optical filtering methods.

"Our objective in creating the Raptor-12 was to provide our customers with the newest high resolution, high frame rate, state-of-the-art sensor in a camera that incorporates our motion capture hardware and software technology” said Shel Fung, senior VP of engineering. “This includes a powerful and fast on-board processor for accurate greyscale processing, which combined with our new high powered ringlight, will offer customers unparalleled results in both indoor and outdoor settings.” 

The Raptor-12 will be available for October delivery.

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