MVN Live Plug-In Speeds Maya Animation
August 10, 2012

MVN Live Plug-In Speeds Maya Animation

CULVER CITY, CA — Xsens (, the creator of Xsens MVN, an inertial motion capture solution for the film and game industry, has released the MVN Live plug-in for Maya 2013. The new plug-in will allow 3D artists to view live or pre-recorded motions in realtime on characters in Maya. 
“We are excited to launch this new plug-in, as it will improve the efficiency of creative decision making and speed up the production pipeline of 3D artists,” explains Hein Beute, product manager for Xsens.

MVN Studio can also stream its motions to the MVN Live Plug-in for Autodesk MotionBuilder 2013, which is better suited for larger virtual scenes, as used for virtual production. At SIGGRAPH 2012, this setup was demonstrated for the first time by The Third Floor at the Autodesk booth. 

The Maya and MotionBuilder plug-ins receive motion data from the Network Streamer in MVN Studio. The Network Streamer is capable of streaming motions over a network to other applications in realtime. Examples are software for human factors analysis and VR, like Siemens PLM Software. In addition game engines like Unity and UDK can receive MVN motion data in realtime.