3dMD Body Scanner Offers 360-Degree Capture
August 8, 2012

3dMD Body Scanner Offers 360-Degree Capture

Specifications include: 360-degree capture of a body from head to toe; fast capture speeds at the highest of resolutions; one continuous point cloud produced from the four or eight stereo camera viewpoints, which eliminates the data errors associated with merging/stitching data sets together; and an option for simultaneous acquisition of geometry and high resolution texture, or geometry only.

The system operates in standard clinic/office lighting conditions and can be assembled and calibrated in less than two hours.

Research institutions such as the Max Planck Institute in Germany are using 3dMD’s modular approach to push the understanding of the human shape past the traditionally scanned standard anthropometric pose.

Using a collection of transportable 3dMDbody Systems, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has implemented a human factors program for digitally capturing the size and shape of US pilots to ergonomically design cockpits of the future. The US Army Natick Soldier Center at Quantico Marine Base is using its 3dMDbody Systems to research and develop a new generation of battlefield vehicles.