Thinware Media Launches StudioCAP Asset Management System
August 4, 2011

Thinware Media Launches StudioCAP Asset Management System

Vancouver, B.C - Thinware Media Ltd., based in Vancouver, B.C., launched a new workflow automation and asset management solution for animation studios: StudioCAP (Computer Aided Production).
This new cloud-based system enables studios to efficiently store, track, and move 2D and 3D CGI (computer-generated image) assets through the creation process without having to install and manage a costly IT infrastructure to do so. StudioCAP is available immediately for site evaluation and trial.

The StudioCAP process was developed in a real-world production environment by Mark Rocchio, CEO of Thinware Media, while creating thousands of hours of high-quality animation projects. StudioCAP eliminates and/or automates many expensive and time consuming manual processes, improves control of digital assets, and features built-in project planning and budgeting. Once created, studios can search for assets, reuse them as production sees fit, or re-purpose them for marketing, merchandizing, and other revenue streams.

StudioCAP combines asset management with a number of project management and communication features to move assets more efficiently through the creative process. Studios can assign user roles and staffing levels, send messages about asset status, set tasks, automate tasks such as rendering, and define milestones, timelines, and deliverables. StudioCAP can also manage project budgets and tie asset creation to asset costs with insightful reports. Collectively, these features simplify asset creation and the management of highly complex productions.

As a completely Web-based solution, StudioCAP is HTML 5 compliant, supports many mobile devices, and does not require studios to install software or procure, configure, and manage hardware. Unlike other asset management solutions on the market, StudioCAP is billed like a utility, so studios only pay for what they use-with introductory prices starting as low as $145 per user, per month.