Spotlight on 3D Lighting & Rendering Solution, Bakery Relight at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver (Stand 471)

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Gemenos, France - The Bakery, a 3D computer graphics software company, will showcase its Bakery Relight lighting, shading, and rendering solution at this year's SIGGRAPH.

The company is also hosting an Exhibitor Tech Talk on the exhibition floor on Tuesday, 9. August 2011 (booth 801, 3:45 pm). The talk will focus on Pipeline Management in Bakery Relight and the company's mission to bring its tools and workflow solutions to the international lighting community.

"Bakery Relight's powerful scene graph and integrated scripted and C++ extensions are now starting to be used to address general pipeline developments and production asset management systems," says Bakery Co-founder and CEO Erwan Maigret, whose credits include Technical Lead on Shrek 2, Madagascar, and Shrek the Third.

"What we want people to understand, is that Relight is not just a renderer with a nice interface for interactive lighting and shading. It's actually a complete 3D application suite, based on a strong scene graph with dependency tracking and dynamic scripted extensions. In addition, all modules in Relight are plug-in based, and can be developed by independent contributors," Maigret continues.

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