Southpaw to Unveil Tactic's New Workflow, Features
August 3, 2011

Southpaw to Unveil Tactic's New Workflow, Features

Toronto, Canada - Southpaw Technology, a developer of production asset management (PAM) technology for digital content creation companies, will unveil Tactic's new workflow automation, costing, budgeting, and reporting features at SIGGRAPH 2011.

The new features are designed to enable studios of all types to move digital assets more efficiently through the creation process, as well as help them understand the exact costs of their production and more accurately measure their productivity.

Southpaw Technology will be demonstrating all of its latest features in Booth 158 at SIGGRAPH 2011.

Tactic combines asset management, project management, and collaboration features in one Web-based system. Over the past year, Southpaw has developed a series of workflow automation features that include an upgraded user interface, individual "dashboards" for every member of a team, more robust event triggers, pipeline design tools, and more. Together, they enable studios to more efficiently produce content and to keep a real-time record of how a project or series of projects is progressing.

To these workflow enhancements, Southpaw has now added costing and budgeting fields, financial views and efficiency reports. With these features, studios can now create project budgets and timelines, and compare the information to real-time task and resource costs generated from the production floor.

"We're extremely excited to be showing these new features at this year's SIGGRAPH," says Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. "Many studios can create fantastic content. But few studios have a clear, real-time indication of how much that content costs to create, where inefficiencies are occurring in their studios, and where processes can be streamlined. With Tactic, now they can not only create content faster, they can see how much that content costs to create, down to the penny."

Southpaw Technology will be showcasing the latest upgrades every hour on the hour in booth 158 at SIGGRAPH 2011.