SIGGRAPH 2011: Pictures from the Show
August 17, 2011

SIGGRAPH 2011: Pictures from the Show

Missed SIGGRAPH 2011? View pictures from the Show floor and exhibits!
Art Gallery

In the era of networked technology, the interplay of physical and virtual within our lived experience opens up portals and wormholes enabling simultaneous and discontinuous realities at the touch of a button, echo of a voice, or nudge of a sensor. The new dynamics not only reconfigures our relations with ourselves and with one another, but most importantly, it reshapes our sense of identity, belonging, and place. The SIGGRAPH 2011 Art Gallery: Tracing Home, presented exceptional digital and technologically mediated artworks that explored issues related to the concept of home in the networked age.

tele-present wind by artist David Bowen, University of Minnesota

The Garden of Error and Decay by Michael Bielicky, HFG/ZKM Karlsruhe and Kamila B. Richter,
HFG/ZKM Karlsruhe

Emerging Tech

Attendees played with the latest interactive and graphics technologies before they transform the way we live and work. Emerging Technologies presented demonstrations of research from several fields, including displays, input devices, collaborative environments, and robotics.

Recompose: Direct and Gestural Interaction With an Actuated Surface

MoleBot: Mole in a Table

Mommy Tummy: A Pregnancy Experience System Simulating Fetal Movement

InteractiveTop: An Entertainment System that Enhances The Experience of Playing Tops


SIGGRAPH 2011 hosted the year's largest, most comprehensive exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive techniques marketplace, featuring the industry's established leaders and emerging challengers.

The Studio

The Studio was the place for making and creating at SIGGRAPH 2011: An amazing space where experts, attendees, and the latest technologies are brought together to create new works, experiment, and collaborate.