Practical Effects Guru Pulls Back the Curtain on Film Props

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Los Angeles, Calif. - The Gnomon Workshop's latest instructional video, "Prop Fabrication for Film," takes viewers inside the stellar design and fabrication lab of concept designer, creative fabricator, and practical effects artist Rick Hilgner's Creative Concepts Enterprises to quickly engineer, fabricate, and finish a sci-fi prop weapon using a few materials, common power tools, and a little creative know-how.

Hilgner addresses real-world motion picture prop construction, utilizing his 25 years of experience and the trusted toolset of his own hands. "Prop Fabrication for Film" covers concept design, pre-production, multi-material application and allocation, engineering design and application, base formation, as well as many other important and cost-effective tricks of the trade. Viewers are also walked through multiple phases of finishing, from filling gaps with putty to the addition of dirt, damage, and grime.  

Ever since he was a kid, Hilgner's dream was to come to Los Angeles and work in entertainment building models and toys. After 25 years of being a "hitman" for the visual effects and toy industries, Hilgner has worked on everything from low-budget shockers to massive Hollywood blockbusters--designing, engineering, and fabricating miniatures, props, sets and gadget effects, as well as toy prototypes and themed trade show installations. His company, Creative Concepts Enterprises, now strives to enhance the digital world by incorporating the knowledge of practical, hand-built magic and fun.

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