Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme Debuts
August 18, 2011

Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme Debuts

Renton, Wa. - Parallels launched Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme, delivering direct assignment technology for high-end workstation virtualization.
With Parallels Workstation Extreme, designers, engineers, and animators can move between multiple applications without the burden of reboots or shuffling between computers. 

"Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme empowers people to be more productive, work faster, and smarter while saving companies money by running and maintaining fewer machines. It uniquely enables the direct assignment of hardware resources to virtual environments so graphic rich applications run at near native speeds," explains Kim Johnston, vice president of marketing for Parallels. "The ability to directly assign each environment dedicated resources-including CPU, memory, graphics and networking-delivers unmatched performance that makes it possible to run multiple distinct environments side-by-side on a single workstation without compromising application performance." 

"Combining an HP Z800 Workstation with Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme provides customers with a powerful workstation virtualization solution--allowing customers to create and render, while performing intense analysis at the same time," says Jeff Wood, director of worldwide marketing, Workstations, HP. "HP is committed to providing our customers with solutions that improve their bottom line--Parallels reduces compute times, resulting in higher productivity and ultimately ROI."

Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme utilizes intelligent performance features of the Intel 5500 and 5600 series chipsets, including support for the latest Intel Virtualization Technologies and expanded support for Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O. 

Intel VT-d (direct assignment) technology changes the way that I/O is directed to its target device, enabling virtual machines to interact with dedicated resources without the slowdown of hypervisor emulation layers. Direct assignment enables graphic intensive applications to interact with graphics cards and other resources giving the end user the perception of a single-purpose machine, no matter which application or O/S environments are being used. 

Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme is priced at $399 USD per workstation license.