OPTIS to Showcase THEIA RT Physically Correct Real-time Renderer at SIGGRAPH
August 4, 2011

OPTIS to Showcase THEIA RT Physically Correct Real-time Renderer at SIGGRAPH

Toulon, France - OPTIS, developer of light and vision simulation software solutions, announces THEIA RT, its physically correct real-time renderer designed to enable engineers and designers to work more efficiently, more accurately, more quickly.

The THEIA RT Suite offers the inclusion of physically correct materials, colors, and light sources, giving engineers and designers instant feedback and decision-making power.

Offering uncompromised performance based on OpenCL using AMD FirePro professional graphics cards, THEIA RT delivers true real-time interaction, even on multiple screen systems and in virtual reality centers.

Simply drag and drop physically correct materials and light sources to achieve immediate photorealistic representation creating time to consider multiple design variants in any environment, within any lighting scenario, day or night, all in real time.

THEIA RT simplifies innovative design when using colors, materials, textures by removing the need to create complex shaders or material definitions. The material and light source libraries found inside THEIA RT contain comprehensive physics-based models for use directly in the 3D scene, says a representative.


THEIA RT, based on the technology behind the industry-standard SPEOS, takes into account human vision, ensuring results correlate to the way the human eye perceives an object. THEIA RT offers a real-time preview of complex ergonomic issues such as sun glare, disturbing reflections and areas of poor visibility--particularly useful for automotive and aerospace human machine interface design and optimization.

The all new THEIA RT suite of products will be on show on OPTIS' booth number 925 at this year's SIGGRAPH event in Vancouver, 9-11August.