NaturalPoint Ships OptiTrack V120:Duo and V120:Trio Tracking Bars
August 3, 2011

NaturalPoint Ships OptiTrack V120:Duo and V120:Trio Tracking Bars

"Our new tracking bars are a distillation of our full-scale tracking architecture, offering users our most affordable and convenient motion capture system to date," explains Jim Richardson, NaturalPoint president and OptiTrack's lead engineer. "The Duo and Trio were designed with accessibility in mind and require almost no setup to get up and running." 

Offering the power of multiple-camera, 6DoF object tracking in a single, plug-and-play package, the OptiTrack V120:Duo and V120:Trio tracking bars are each self-contained and factory calibrated, providing a solution for desktop capture applications, head tracking, image-guided surgery, computer automated virtual environments (CAVE), OEM integrations, and other applications that require quick setup, a low profile form factor, or high portability.

The V120:Duo is equipped with two cameras, for efficient marker-based object tracking. The V120:Trio includes an additional middle camera, useful for increased tracking accuracy or for creating augmented reality applications by combining simultaneous motion tracking and live video.

NaturalPoint will demonstrate the OptiTrack V120:Trio at SIGGRAPH 2011 in booth 763.

The V120:Duo and V120:Trio are both available for immediate purchase, priced at $1,899 and $2,499 USD, respectively.