Luxion Unveils KeyShot 3

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Vancouver, B.C. - Luxion, developer of rendering and lighting technology, has released KeyShot 3, the latest version of its real-time raytracing and global illumination program.

KeyShot 3 features an new animation system that breaks down the complexity of creating animations of 3D data.

"Computer animation is often a tedious task that requires expert knowledge to set up even simple animations," says Dr. Henrik Wann Jensen, chief scientist of Luxion. "We decided to develop an animation system that is just as simple to use as KeyShot has been for rendering. In order to achieve this, we built the animation system directly into KeyShot without relying on keyframes."

Geared toward designers, engineers, and marketing professionals, KeyShot provides the following benefits:

  *   Set up, editing, and playback happen in KeyShot's real-time raytraced environment

  *   During setup, edit, and playback of the animation the scene stays interactive, allowing the user to interact with the camera, lighting, and materials.

  *   Rather than relying on setting up keyframes, Luxion has developed a patent-pending animation system based on offset transforms.

  *   The use of offset transforms makes it possible to add individual animation components to single or multiple parts, move them in the timeline, and copy, paste, or move them within the model hierarchy.

  *   To develop more complex animations, the user adds multiple transforms to each object.

SIGGRAPH 2011 marks the first public showing of KeyShot 3. Visit booth #780 at SIGGRAPH.

KeyShot 3's all new animation capabilities can be added to KeyShot and KeyShot Pro for $500.

Currently undergoing extensive Beta-testing with select Luxion customers, the final release of KeyShot is targeted for fall 2011.

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