Fusion-io Teams with Nvidia, Tweak Software, and Thinkbox Software to Accelerate Entertainment Production
August 10, 2011

Fusion-io Teams with Nvidia, Tweak Software, and Thinkbox Software to Accelerate Entertainment Production

Vancouver, B.C. - Fusion-io, a provider of a next-generation shared data decentralization platform, is collaborating with technology companies Nvidia, Thinkbox Software, and Tweak Software to accelerate entertainment production by demonstrating full-resolution, real-time digital content creation for many of the industry's most powerful applications.

"Entertainment artists who use Fusion's ioMemory technologies can now spend more time creating and less time waiting for content to load, playback, and render," says Vincent Brisebois, Fusion-io product manager. "Multiple SSDs configured in a RAID can provide basic throughput, but struggle to provide the low latency required for delivering interactivity in powerful content creation applications. By working with our innovative partners Nvidia, Thinkbox Software, and Tweak Software, we are helping studios and artists unlock their creativity. Now, not only can artists do more faster, but with the flexibility offered by Fusion-io and our partners, studios can focus on the artistry that separates good from great."

In the Nvidia booth at SIGGRAPH (#453), the Fusion-io video wall showcases how Fusion ioMemory technology combined with the  NVIDIA QuadroPlex 7000 Visual Computing System provides the throughput necessary to play 12 HD(1080p) uncompressed video feeds simultaneously off a single workstation with interactive graphics processing unit- (GPU)-based color correction. The video wall demonstration is running on an  HP Z800 workstation equipped with the Nvidia QuadroPlex 7000 and Fusion ioMemory modules.

At Autodesk booth #429, Fusion ioMemory technology accelerates demonstrations of Autodesk Composite software, which is included in the Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Softimage software applications. The Autodesk software packages feature integrated 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing tools that enable artists and designers to quickly ramp up for production.

Fusion ioMemory is integrated into a Supermicro  SuperServer 8046B-6RF server in the  Thinkbox Software Pacific Rim suite at the Fairmont hotel. This system provides increased speed and efficiency in demonstrations of Krakatoa, Thinkbox's production-proven volumetric particle rendering, manipulation and management toolkit. Krakatoa provides a pipeline for creating, shaping and rendering vast quantities of particles at unprecedented speed to represent natural phenomena like dust, smoke, silt, ocean surface foam, plasma, and solid objects.

In booth #963, Tweak Software is utilizing ioMemory technology from Fusion-io to accelerate its flagship RV software. RV supports dual stream output for stereo playback, embeds audio in the SDI signal, and takes advantage of RV's flexible tools for review, editing, collaboration, an notation and comparison of media. At SIGGRAPH 2011, RV is demonstrating its integration package that combines RV's real-time playback with the compositing abilities of The Foundry's  Nuke software and Fusion ioMemory. The integration allows artists to save various iterations of their Nuke renders on the ioMemory and then immediately play them back in real-time in RV.