E-on Software Offers Free Carbon Scatter Trial Version!

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Vancouver, B.C. - e-on software, maker of 3D sky, light, and nature technologies, announced the immediate availability of the trial version of Carbon Scatter for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, as well as Maxon Cinema4D.

Carbon Scatter is a solution for creating complex and detailed populations using the native instancing technologies of 3ds Max, Maya, and Cinema4D. Carbon Scatter integrates e-on's patented EcoSystem algorithms inside the end user's favorite 3D application, allowing the population of native scenes with millions of instances and rendering them with the user's renderer of choice.

The Carbon Scatter Trial Version is based on the Carbon Scatter Multi version. It will install in all supported applications on the end user's system and will allow the rendering of EcoSystem populations in all supported renderers.

The Trial Version is a fully functional version of Carbon Scatter, aside from the following limitations:

- The Trial Version ships with a limited collection of plants and polygonal meshes.

- The Trial Version is limited to rendering up to a total of 10000 instances (the display of instances in the viewport is not limited).

- Saving scenes and network rendering is disabled.

The Carbon Scatter Trial Version cannot be used for commercial work. Once installed, the Trial Version will work for 30 days.

Rendering of the Carbon Scatter scene elements is entirely done by the host application's renderer.

- Carbon Scatter for 3ds Max works with MentalRay and V-Ray renderers.

- Carbon Scatter for Maya works with MentalRay, and V-Ray renderers.

- Carbon Scatter for Cinema4D works with the native renderer, and all other renderers that are compatible with Cinema4D instances*. Such renderers include VrayC4D, m4d (mental ray for Cinema4D) or Maxwell Render for instance.

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