StudioGPU MachStudio Pro 2
July 27, 2010

StudioGPU MachStudio Pro 2

StudioGPU, intending to redefine productivity for 3D artists working in broadcast, cinema, and design, has unveiled StudioGPU MachStudio Pro 2 real-time nonlinear 3D workflow and rendering software. StudioGPU is previewing the workflow benefits of MachStudio Pro 2 on the latest ATI FirePro 3D workstation graphics accelerators in the AMD booth (# 301) during SIGGRAPH 2010.

Operating as an open hub for advanced 3D workflow, MachStudio Pro 2 offers 3D artists advanced features, such as native integration with Pixar RenderMan and the ability to create and use MetaSL-based custom procedural shaders and render out with mental ray. Additional new features include: a solid DirectX 11 foundation for improved GPU acceleration, tessellation and multi-threading, FBX-out capabilities, and improved support for Python programming customization.

MachStudio Pro software streamlines the production workflow at many of the most notable production studios in the world, including Weta Workshop, Zoic Studios, and The Third Floor. A virtual real-time studio environment, MachStudio Pro allows artists, designers, engineers, directors, and technical directors (TDs) to work with 3D lighting, camera views and multi-point perspectives in an interactive nonlinear fashion to produce real-time, high-fidelity views as they will appear in the final rendered format.

New features in MachStudio Pro 2 include:

- Pixar RenderMan Integration: Provides the flexibility to switch between or
combine fast high-fidelity MachStudio Pro GPU-based rendering and
industry-standard Academy Award-winning Pixar RenderMan CPU-based ray tracing
rendering software on-the-fly to create beauty shots and/or specific render

- MetaSL and mental ray Support: Allows 3D artists to quickly and easily build
MetaSL-based custom procedural shaders using an intuitive mental mill node
graph user interface for rendering out to both the mental ray and MachStudio Pro

- Improved Pipeline Rendering Functionality: Offers a new Unified Pass Renderer
(UPR), which breaks out all passes for the final render, and an EXR Sandwich
Tool that combines all EXR files into one layered file for compositing.

- DirectX 11-Based Workflow: Offers more efficient rendering, tessellation, and
multi-threading capabilities for improved performance throughout the pipeline.

- Volumetric and Screen Space Global Illumination (GI): Takes into account the
bouncing of light from surfaces, allowing for more realistic renderings.

- Spot and Directional Lights: Allows for greater freedom towards achieving
perfect lighting conditions.

- FBX Output: Exports models and baked textures in the FBX file format for
compatibility with all leading 3D modeling and animation software programs.

- Increased Python Support: Allows for the creation of custom properties,
parenting objects, and spot and directional lights.

- Workflow Improvements: Eases organization and viewing of everything in a
scene, including groups, hierarchies, context menus, light sets, influencers and
render pass isolation.

Award-winning MachStudio Pro supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP
Professional, and Windows Vista operating systems on most professional graphic
accelerator cards.

MachStudio Pro software is available in North America for $3999 (USD) or bundled with the ATI FirePro V8800 3D workstation graphics accelerator card for $4999 (USD).

MachStudio Pro 2 is expected to ship in Q3 2010. All existing MachStudio Pro customers will receive the MachStudio Pro 2 software upgrade at no charge upon product availability.

Student, education, and volume licensing is also available upon request. Download the free full-featured MachStudio Pro 30-day trial software via the StudioGPU Web site at